The investment management industry is increasing its spend on sales, marketing and client servicing. Often the solutions are being assessed and implemented in a siloed manner without an end-to-end client engagement perspective.

Olmstead conducted surveying in advance of TSAM (Boston, November 2017), as well as interactive surveying during the conference. Some of the more interesting preliminary observations to date are:

2/3rds of the interactive survey participants tabbed Client Reporting and CRM as recent, current, or near-term investment priorities

71% of the interactive survey participants tabbed Client Portals as a top investment priority. This was made even more interesting in light of the conversation we had during the day on falling victim to “if they build it, they will come” syndrome.

Only 6% of respondents characterized their data readiness as high, implying our industry still does a fair amount of data chasing, scrubbing, and verification.

Only 17% said their firm had an enterprise definition of end-to-end Client Experience.

Olmstead has developed an integrated Sales & Service model to help envision 360 degree view of the client from a functional and engagement perspective.

How can Olmstead help?

Client Engagement Strategy & Architecture: current and future state operating models

Solution Evaluation & Selection: RFP to POC to negotiations

Data Readiness Assessments: Are you ready for change?

Implementation Services: an efficient execution approach that buys down risk and increases impact

Client Testimonial

“Olmstead’s data readiness framework allowed us to untangle a big bundled ball….so that we could strategically solution in a way that met our immediate requirements while also positioning us well with a client engagement platform for growth.”

- Director, Client Communications

What your peers are asking:
  • Do we have a clear definition of the client experience?
  • Can we make our client service a competitive advantage?
  • Do our clients truly want anytime, anywhere access to their data?
  • Have others appointed a CX leader to solution across functional silos?
  • How can our digital investment better identify needs and leads?
  • Is there a single reporting solution for my sales enablement and client servicing needs?
  • What are the pros and cons to CRM as a workflow centerpiece?
  • How do we optimize CRM usage?
  • Must a CRM implementation be a multi-year, multi-million $ effort?
  • Where should our 360 degree client view reside?
  • How do we break down internal walls amongst our client touchpoints?
  • How far are we from self-service client reporting?


 The asset management client selected the SimCorp CORIC reporting solution and was looking for expertise and project management skills to manage the implementation initiative. Olmstead provided project management and reporting expertise to facilitate all aspects of the project including report requirements, report design, report specifications, data sources, data mapping, data integration, testing and remediation.
 Olmstead was engaged to manage all aspects of the project including report requirements, report design, report specifications, data sources, data mapping, data integration, testing and remediation. Olmstead assumed responsibility for the program and while managing to tight deadlines worked closely with the business, systems and the vendor to ensure nothing was overlooked.

See more samples of Current & Recent Client Experience & Engagment Engagements


Client reporting has been a top priority across asset management, wealth management and insurance firms since 2013 and shows no signs of falling off the list. Our experience collaborating with our clients spans these industries and the software and service providers who deliver solutions. Regardless of industry, firm size or geography the following 10 lessons learned apply. Current reports should be viewed as guidelines, not as hard requirements...  Read More
Stephen Alepa, leader of Olmstead's Client Experience and Engagement center of excellence, chaired the Client Reporting & Communications Forum at the TSAM Boston Conference on November 15. Topics included: The Role of Client Communications in the Overall Client Experience Client Communications in Data-Centric, Digital World How Data and AI are Transforming Marketing and Client Service The What, When & Why of Client Presentations...  Read More

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Stephen Alepa – CEO
Stephen’s LinkedIn Profile

Stephen is CEO of Olmstead Associates. He also leads Olmstead's Client Engagement capability, helping investment managers with communications and information delivery solutions across their client lifecycle. He has 25+ years as a management consultant and financial technology executive, helping global financial markets firms of all sizes define and achieve their business objectives. Regarding our client's client experience, he drives Olmstead's services, considering all client touchpoints when devising client engagement operating models and integrated sales and service solutions. 

Stephen held senior positions at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), PwC, and Arthur Andersen, where he was the partner-in-charge of the New England financial markets business consulting practice. Prior to Olmstead, Stephen held leadership positions at trading pioneers ITG and Macgregor. He architected and ran the ITG Net business unit, the firm's end-to-end electronic trading and trade processing network, building it to a community of over 750 buy-sides, sell-sides, custodians, and industry utilities. Stephen led Macgregor's Sales and Service, and oversaw the transformation of the firm's financial profile by diversifying revenue, growing recurring revenues, and reducing costs dramatically. A recurring theme through his professional experiences is the weaving together of strategy and execution, business and technology.

A graduate of Georgetown University, in his free time you can find Stephen enjoying time with his wife and three children, around a baseball diamond or on a stand-up paddle board. Stephen holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.
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