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Data is the lifeblood of the information age.  Today’s asset manager needs the capability, tools, and culture to gather and analyze data to make better business decisions.  Beyond being data-driven, we advocate becoming data-centric, where data is a first-class architecture component. Applications will change over time, but data remains a permanent enterprise asset.

Leaders are investing in a data culture because it is the key to unlocking efficiency, intelligence, agility, and innovation. We advocate a framework based on three key pillars:

    1. Curate enterprise data assets into an Enterprise Data Platform
    2. Ensure data is trustworthy and accessible through Data Governance
    3. Empower staff through Self-Service capabilities

We help our clients transform by architecting and building their modern data platform.

Learn the secret to building a data culture.

Data Consulting Services


A well-defined Data Strategy aligns data-related activities with an organization’s overall goals, facilitating informed decision-making, enhancing operational efficiency, and unlocking insights for innovation and growth. It outlines how an organization intends to manage and leverage its data assets to achieve business objectives. It includes a set of principles, guidelines, and action plans that address data collection, storage, processing, security, governance, analysis, and utilization.


Olmstead’s winning data governance framework is customized to fit your organization to accelerate your data governance capabilities. Achieve trustworthy and accessible data, enabling effective management of your data assets throughout their lifecycle.


An Enterprise Data Platform is a centralized, integrated infrastructure that enables organizations to store, manage, process, and analyze data from various sources, facilitating decision-making and improving operational efficiency. We help you curate your enterprise data assets into a data-centric architecture that is foundational for your data strategy.


Master Data Management is the process of identifying, categorizing, and maintaining a single, authoritative source of key business data to ensure consistency, accuracy, and reliability across systems and processes. Leverage our expertise to improve your business operations effectiveness using properly mastered investment data and client data.


Olmstead’s data engineers guide you in designing, building, and maintaining the infrastructure and pipelines that enable the collection, transformation, and storage of data for effective analysis and business use.


Business Intelligence is the process of analyzing and presenting data to support informed business decisions and strategic planning. We help you develop and implement data mining, reporting, and analysis methods to get the most out of your data.


Olmstead utilizes data science techniques from statistics, machine learning, and domain knowledge to help you extract valuable insights, patterns, and knowledge from data, enabling informed decision-making and predictive modeling.

At Olmstead, our approach to empowering clients through data revolves around enhancing two key capabilities: Data Platform Maturity and Data Governance Maturity. By combining strategic design with practical Agile delivery, we ensure continuous delivery of value to your organization.

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