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Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Leading investment management firms are gaining a competitive edge by advancing their data management program to include artificial intelligence and data science. Capitalizing on a strong foundation of data, investment managers can explore new and emerging capabilities that will unlock scalability, intelligence, and growth:

  • Boost productivity through automation
  • Enrich decision-making with advanced, insightful analytics
  • Drive revenue growth with innovative, data-centric solutions

Olmstead helps clients with AI strategy and implementing practical solutions specifically for the investment management industry. We assess options and fit for your specific requirements. Understanding that AI may not always be the most pragmatic or cost-effective route, we champion developing proof of concepts, evaluating data readiness, and confirming ROI.

Olmstead takes a business-focused approach that solves key uses cases that drive business value. We leverage our deep industry knowledge to help clients navigate the complex AI space and align their technology strategy with business strategy.

AI Consulting Services

AI Capability Assessment

Review and assess data management and AI capabilities including platforms, processes, organization, governance and sponsorship. Our emphasis is on determining readiness to implement custom AI solutions that are effective and trusted.

AI Proof of Concept

Quickly limit business risk, validate ROI, and inform the implementation using a structured, timeboxed proof of concept.  Use Olmstead accelerators to confirm suitability, feasibility, and readiness faster with a limited investment.

AI Implementation

Develop and execute a plan to realize unique AI solutions for your business with an emphasis on value and trust while protecting intellectual property and incorporating the unique demands of the investment management industry.


Data Science

Study of data to gain knowledge and insights for decision-making:

Python Programming
Data Science Notebooks
Data Profiling & Data Preperation
Data Visualization


Techniques that enable computers to mimic human behavior:

Anomaly Detection
Clustering & Classification
Model Optimization

Deep learning

Mimic the brain to learn and make sense of complex data:

Content Summarization
Sentiment Analysis
Large Language Model (LLM) Chatbots
Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Olmstead’s cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services drive transformation with practical and impactful applications.