Optimizing Costs: Consolidating Client Reporting Tools 


Are you overspending on the production of client reports? We have found that many of our clients believe they are overspending and have addressed this by consolidating the multiple solutions used to create marketing materials and client reports.  All these functions can be managed with one solution instead. This shift is driven by a couple of key factors. 

Cost Efficiency

The first cost factor addresses the high licensing and maintenance costs. Using distinct tools for marketing and client reporting unnecessarily increases the total cost of ownership.  This is easily solved when you realize a single solution can essentially perform the same functions—reading data from databases to generate tables, charts, graphs, biographies, disclosures, and narratives for client reports and presentations.  Consolidating to a single tool will cut licensing costs by as much as half or more.  This streamlined approach not only reduces expenses but also simplifies the management of schedulers and workflow tools. 

Operational Streamlining

The second factor addresses production, maintenance, and training costs. When asset managers maintain separate systems, dedicated support teams are also needed to create materials.  This keeps the overhead unnecessarily high by demanding separate training and production costs for multiple solutions.  The consolidation effort can lower costs by having one team manage a single solution that can produce both client reports and marketing materials.  This change also improves internal communication by having one team deliver the content and lessening the confusion of who delivers which content.   

Navigating Change

While major operational shifts come with inherent challenges, the risks associated with moving to a single solution are manageable. Considerations include: 

  1. Client Base: Assess the solution provider’s clients; which solutions can produce all your materials at the scale you demand? (e.g., client reporting, fact sheets, pitchbooks, and other marketing materials) 
  1. Ownership Stability: Investigate any recent changes in the provider’s ownership structure 
  1. Investment in Innovation: Ensure the provider is consistently investing in their solution and taking advantage of the latest technical capabilities 

Consolidating client materials production solutions presents a compelling opportunity to decrease costs and streamline operations. With careful research and thoughtful consideration of potential risks, firms can unlock significant efficiencies and cost savings in their client engagement processes. 

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