The Importance of

Data Governance

A top concern from the asset management industry is the accelerating rate of change. Today’s asset manager needs to be nimble and innovative. Self-service capabilities allow organizations to be agile. Data governance is a critical foundation for enabling self-service.

Learn about the importance of a robust data governance program.

Data governance is a structured framework designed to ensure the quality, accessibility, and effective management of data assets throughout their lifecycle.

Organizations need to achieve FASTIR outcomes to truly leverage their valuable data:


Data is easily found and understandable


Data is easy to access with minimal barriers


Data is embraced by subject matter experts


Data is high quality and usable across domains


Data may be integrated with other data and tools


Data is designed & documented to enable reuse

Our lightweight, pragmatic Data Governance Framework can be customized to fit your organization to accelerate your data governance capabilities to achieve trustworthy and accessible data.  We can kickstart a new data governance program or improve an existing program.

Download the operating model for data governance.