Best Practices

CRM Assessment for Investment Managers

Despite high expectations, CRM implementations too often fail to live up to the promise of increased benefits for the sales, marketing, and servicing teams. Acceptance, adoption, and overall ROI is disappointing, typically due to a combination of factors, including issues with data, workflows, integration, over-extension, training and change management.

Olmstead has honed its CRM Best Practice Assessment through extensive experience, drawing insights from various CRM implementations across multiple organizations. Our approach to assessing your CRM’s environment incorporates benchmarks to evaluate critical success factors. Key aspects of this assessment include:

System Strategy

Data Quality Practices

Business Focused Processes

User Engagement

System Support Model

Our 3–4-week Assessment provides a simple, yet comprehensive review of your environment to identify areas for improvement to increase adoption and maximize the impact of your CRM. We have observed that even with good data and clear processes, challenges persist without a robust support structure or sufficient training. We assess these focal points independently but holistically, aiming to align the system, eliminate shortcomings, and improve overall impact & efficiency.

Your CRM needs to be a core element of your Distribution Architecture and provide the insights and accessibility to empower your sales and marketing teams. Let our team provide you with a guide to equip your sales and marketing teams with a tool that aligns with their needs and allows you to grow your client relationships.