Automated & Scalable

Client Segmentation Model

Developing a dynamic and scalable client segmentation model is a key step to improving sales and marketing strategy execution while optimizing your most valued clients’ experiences. Olmstead has the experience and expertise to deliver a custom segmentation solution that fits your distribution model and strategic focus.

Client segmentation is critical, but is it consuming your resources?

We’ll bring your firm efficiency by institutionalizing the process at scale.

How much are you spending on third-party data?

Don’t let that investment go to waste. Incorporate that data in a segmentation model to provide measurable ROI.

Are responsibilities for clients clearly defined between Sales and Marketing teams?

A strong segmentation program can deliver the clarity that your teams and client will appreciate.

Don’t know where to start?

Partner with the Olmstead team that has built and implemented successful client segmentation models.

Data Sources:  The information used for the segmentation model is best managed in a centralized data warehouse. Olmstead has deep expertise in managing, governing, and making this data accessible for use in the development of your segmentation model. This is key to building scale into your process.

 Olmstead Segmentation Engine
Our experts will help you select the information that best identifies your most valuable clients. We will then weigh each element to build an actionable segmentation model.

Olmstead Segmentation Design Tool
Olmstead will match your most valuable clients to your firm’s resources with a custom-tiered client experience model. This model will meet the expectations of your best clients and your distribution strategy and goals.

Segmentation Dashboard
Measuring your segmentation model is key to its success. We will help you cross-reference your segmentation data with other KPIs. This will allow you to monitor progress toward strategic goals and provide tactical guidance for your sales and marketing teams.