Investment Operations

The asset management industry continues to change, forcing firms to rapidly transform their operational efficiency, portfolio management capabilities, and distribution support.

Asset Managers are focusing on operational agility to respond to these challenges. Customizing the operating models and technology solutions creates nimble platforms that enable strategic growth. Central to this strategy is the need for a data-centric operating model, where data is real-time, reliable, and ready for use across the firm.

Our Investment Operations team helps you transform your operating model to propel your business strategy. We support front-to-back transformations for both traditional asset managers and firms managing alternative investments, such as OCIOs and institutional asset owners.

Hear about the difference between outsourcing success and failure.

Investment Operations Consulting Services

Front to Back Assessment

Holistically review and analyze the design, alignment, and effectiveness of the front, middle, and back offices of your organization.

Outsourcing & Vendor Solution Analysis

Weigh the benefits of outsourcing functions to a service provider vs. executing an internal reorganization and leveraging vendor solutions. Find out how complex, manual processes & asset classes can be serviced and automated.

Target Operating Model Assessment

Assess and design your target operating model and roadmap toward your business transformation to increase efficiency, reduce operational risk, and better support your investment team.

Due Diligence

Lead activities from RFP through Proof of Concept to deeply assess vendors or service providers to guide your investment firm in the selection of a partner.

Operational Re-Engineering

Optimize your operating model by implementing improvements to the structure of internal teams, the tasks they perform, and how they interface with and oversee any service providers and vendors.

Delivery & Implementation

Execute activities to reorganize your operating model and/or convert to a service provider or vendor solution.

Alternative Asset Servicing

Achieving operational excellence is paramount for success when managing the manual nature of alternative investments. Our Olmstead team is uniquely positioned to facilitate your transformation journey by identifying optimal utilization of streamlined processes, cutting-edge technology, and outsourcing solutions to elevate service delivery and support your investment strategy.

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