Scalability & Efficiency

Operating Model Transformation

Ability to scale is a primary transformation driver. Inefficient operating models require more and more staff as the business grows. Scalable operating models allow uninterrupted business growth requiring less cost to the business.

Transformation entails executing a sourcing strategy, re-engineering the internal operating model, optimizing technology, or becoming a data-centric organization. But frequently, best results arise from a combination of all of these.

approach to operational transformation must account for full data lifecycle, data operations, and technology needs

Today’s industry challenges require an asset manager to have an operating model that has the agility and scalability to support growth and rapidly evolving business needs.

Investment operations leaders have core levers to transform outdated investment operations, operating models, and tech stacks in support of their firm’s growth and profitability goals.

Olmstead’s Operational Agility Review (OAR) will quickly provide a broad-based study of your organization’s strengths and challenges in flexing the operating model to address future demands that inevitably, and often unpredictably, will head your way.

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