Industry Survey: Client Reporting & Experience


Stephen Alepa, leader of Olmstead’s Client Experience and Engagement practice, chaired the Client Reporting & Communications Forum at the TSAM Boston Conference.

Topics included:

  • The Role of Client Communications in the Overall Client Experience
  • Client Communications in Data-Centric, Digital World
  • How Data and AI are Transforming Marketing and Client Service
  • The What, When & Why of Client Presentations
  • The Changing Nature of Communications, Language & Media
  • Client Service of the Future
  • The Channel Challenge:  Achieving Multi-Channel Success in Client Reporting
  • Client Reporting & Communications Explained using Donuts, Chicken Wings, and Hypertension

Olmstead conducted surveying in advance of TSAM Boston, as well as interactive surveying during the conference. Some of the more interesting preliminary observations to date are:

67% of the interactive survey participants tabbed Client Reporting and CRM as recent, current, or near-term investment priorities.

71% of the interactive survey participants tabbed Client Portals as a top investment priority. This was made even more interesting in light of the conversation we had during the day on falling victim to “if they build it, they will come” syndrome.

Only 6% of respondents characterized their data readiness as high, implying our industry still does a fair amount of data chasing, scrubbing, and verification. 

Only 17% said their firm had an enterprise definition of end-to-end Client Experience

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