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Discover how Olmstead’s strategic approach revolutionizes asset management across the whole organization.

Video Insights Series

Investment Operations

Michael DiScipio, head of Olmstead’s Investment Operations practice, discusses our philosophy of a data-driven approach to transformation. 

The Three Pillars of
Data Management

What are the three pillars of data management? Olmstead’s Data Management practice head, Anthony Whitford, breaks them down.

The Importance of
Data Governance

Olmstead’s data governance expert, Darcy Pauken, discusses the key tenets of data goverance and Olmstead’s approach to a robust governance program.

Olmstead’s Distribution Architecture Framework

Our distribution architecture approach provides a path to vastly improving return on investments in tech and data. Olmstead’s CEO, Steve Alepa, reviews the six key elements of our distribution architecture philosophy.

Distribution Architecture Model
in Practice

Steve Alepa describes the implementation of Olmstead’s distribution architecture framework executed for one of our clients. Read more about this client’s success here.

Distribution Architecture
and Data

Anthony Whitford discusses the challenges of legacy distribution architectures and how a data-centric approach enables success.

Why DistroTech ROI
Has Been Elusive

Steve Alepa discusses the three reasons why DistroTech ROI has been difficult to achieve, and how we can help your firm change the dynamic.

Distribution Architecture:
Sales Technology

Olmstead’s Client Experience practice area lead, Austin Lewis, reviews the implications of today’s increasingly digital landscape, and what firms can do to remain competitive.

The State of Asset Management Distribution Intelligence

Steve Alepa reviews the insights gleaned from Olmstead’s industry study conducted on the state of asset management distribution intelligence. You can also see more findings here

Latest Webinars

Legacy operating models and aging technology are at the breaking point, forcing firms to simplify their operating models and consider outsourcing core business functions. As a result, more and more asset managers are on the cusp of large-scale transformation to maintain pace with the many challenges facing the industry.

Success or failure of any transformation many times comes down to how data is prioritized. A transformation that doesn’t take into consideration the full data lifecycle – how data is sourced and ultimately consumed by end-users – will likely fall short of expectations.

Hear Olmstead’s Ed Selker chat with representatives from Bank of New York Mellon and State Street, and learn why data is integral to transformation and how service providers are evolving their products and services to meet this challenge.