Stephen Sonderegger
Data Management

Steve is an accomplished consultant and technologist with over 20 years of experience driving data-centric technology initiatives for a wide cross-section of asset managers.

Steve’s project work is primarily focused on designing and implementing solutions within the investment data value chain – transforming data from operational systems and data providers into data fit for use. He has implemented solutions serving data to client-facing applications (Seismic, Kurtosys, Vermillion, Coric, etc.) sourcing data from accounting platforms (Eagle, APX, Geneva, Aladdin, etc.) and analytic/market data providers. Steve has re-architected clients’ usage of FactSet’s analytic platforms to improve data quality and responsiveness – Batcher (PRB), Analytics Data Feed (ADF), Portfolio Analytics (PA3), Formula Development Environment (FDE), Portfolio List Manager (PLM). Steve has experience migrating clients from legacy platforms to modern cloud-based data platforms (Azure, AWS, Snowflake, Azure Synapse, etc.). He melds a deep understanding of investment data with mastery of modern data architectures and a pragmatic approach to design and deliver solutions.