Samuel Densmore
Data Management

Samuel is a collaborative and innovative leader who transforms IT development organizations, crafts impactful and effective technology strategies and resolves complex business challenges.  He expertly drives the development, implementation, and adoption of new processes and deconstructs challenges into logical steps toward resolutions that increase efficiency, connect teams, and achieve company objectives. 

Samuel served as the Chief Technology Officer at AlphaSimplex Group LLC. He assembled enterprise-wide IT staff into a single, centralized group serving the technology needs of this multibillion-dollar investment management organization. He was responsible for developing and articulating the company’s technology strategy, roadmap, and infrastructure, and led the teams accountable for their implementation. Before AlphaSimplex Group, Samuel held vice president roles in two distinct Bank of New York Mellon organizations:  The Boston Company and Asset Management Operations. He built high-performing teams and developed technology strategies to support custom applications, services, and infrastructure. He has also led the conversion of Independence Investment’s legacy systems to modernized frameworks, trained cross-functional teams, and constructed business continuity programs across multiple organizations.