Jim McKeown
Data Management

Jim has over a decade of data engineering experience and familiarity with an array of industry-leading database technologies, ETL tools, programming languages, and automation methodologies. His diverse experience in financial services data warehousing and software engineering is the foundation of his ability to ideate and execute complex, scalable, and successful data strategies. He is passionate about helping organizations make the best use of their data and is a strong believer in leveraging the power of the cloud to create robust, lasting solutions. Jim holds professional certifications from AWS, Snowflake, and IBM. 

Prior to joining Olmstead, Jim spent 5 years as a technical consultant at FactSet where he implemented the B-One performance, attribution, and GIPS solution at large and small firms. During his experience with FactSet, he handled complex data integration tasks and backend product customizations to tailor B-One to the specific needs of clients.