Darcy Pauken
Data Management

Darcy is an experienced leader in investment management with expertise in data management, data governance, and trading operations.  She possesses strong financial services knowledge, with over ten years of experience working in asset management.  She is a Certified Data Management Professional through DAMA International and has led multiple data management improvement initiatives focused on process improvement and technology enablement.  She has conducted working sessions from the back office through the trading desk to understand, document, and streamline data flows.  She is a certified Scrum Master skilled in project management, project planning, and strategic direction, and is adept with popular data tools including Power BI, Tableau, Denodo, Alteryx, Snowflake, and Databricks. 

Prior to joining Olmstead, Darcy was a portfolio analyst at Western Asset Management, where she was key to designing and implementing a cloud-based system for acquisition, surveillance, and securitization of residential whole loans. 

Darcy holds master’s degrees in financial engineering from Claremont Graduate University and mechanical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.