CIO Roundtable Boston

Scott Knous, Data Management Lead at Olmstead Associates, spoke on the topic Achieving A Data-Centric Organization at a recent gathering of information professionals hosted by the CIO Roundtable Boston. Attendees were comprised of data and information leaders from some of the largest and most prestigious asset management firms.

“The first step to determining how to achieve a data-centric organization is to first get everyone to agree what a data-centric organization is”, began Knous.  After an interactive discussion amongst attendees how they define a data-centric organization, the group unanimously agreed there is not common understanding. “Most people define data-centric as being a company in the data management or information management business”, one participant offered.

Scott presented Olmstead’s seven key characteristics of a data-centric organization, key obstacles organizations typically face in achieving data-centricity, and presented four of Olmstead’s tools and techniques to helping firms become data-centric. “A data-centric organization can be achieved with a solid approach and tools…and a little bit of luck!” said Knous as he ended his presentation (on Saint Patrick’s Day). For more information or a copy of the presentation:

Do You Have A Data-Centric Organization?

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