Olmstead Partners with Seismic to Optimize Sales Enablement Solution Growth & Scalability


Olmstead and Seismic Collaboration Poised to Consistently Accelerate Client ROI

Olmstead Associates is pleased to announce its data and consulting partnership with Seismic, the market leader for sales enablement platforms. In support of Seismic implementations and growth for asset management clients, Olmstead has developed tools and an approach that optimizes implementation, resulting in increased ROI and scalability. Refined from over 10 years of managing client communication solution evaluations and implementations, Olmstead has created best practices around implementation playbooks, distribution data models, APIs, and Data Readiness assessments.

Recognizing that client communications implementations are as much data projects as they are reporting projects, Olmstead has developed pre-configured data services that integrate with asset management data models used by Seismic. Quality data made available early in the scoping process results in an enhanced onboarding experience for Seismic clients, allowing for the automatic and dynamic assembly of personalized and compliant factsheet and pitchbook creation.

Stephen Alepa, Olmstead CEO and Client Experience Practice Lead commented, “Olmstead and Seismic share a common goal: delivering sales enablement technology solutions that maximize the benefit for every customer. Our partnership combines Olmstead’s core focus of supporting asset managers through a data centric approach, our rich history of managing client communications and sales enablement engagements, and Seismic’s industry leading solutions delivered to its deep asset manager client base.”

Kevin Chew, VP, Business & Corporate Development, Seismic, added: “We are happy to welcome Olmstead as a Seismic Edge Partner. Seismic has been able to deliver quality solutions to our 175+ asset management clients through a combination of unsurpassed industry experience and technical expertise. Partnering with asset management domain expert Olmstead aligns with our top priority of serving customers in a manner that will consistently exceed their expectations.”

Olmstead’s Distribution Data Services are customized for Seismic clients to optimize implementation and scalability. Report development starts immediately while the underlying data platform is being streamlined to meet the reporting needs. This results in parallel work streams to speed data preparation, report development, and even QA testing while creating a centralized source of data for all distribution use cases (pitchbooks, factsheets, client reporting, websites, and internal analytics).   

About Olmstead Associates

Olmstead Associates is a leading specialized data centric consulting firm that serves the asset management industry by driving operational transformation. For over 20 years, Olmstead has provided consulting expertise to help asset managers plan for, select, and implement solutions, including numerous client communications projects across the client lifecycle. Our Operations, Technology, and Data experts, along with proven methodologies and leading edge tools help inform our clients to make better decisions and lower project risk. 

About Seismic

Seismic is the recognized leader in sales and marketing enablement, equipping global sales teams with the knowledge, messaging, and automatically personalized content proven to be the most effective for any buyer interaction. Powerful content intelligence and analytics enable marketers to prove and improve their impact on the bottom line, revealing what is really driving revenue and what needs to be adjusted. The result for global enterprises like IBM, American Express, PayPal, and Quest Diagnostics is better win rates, larger deals, and higher customer retention. Seismic is headquartered in San Diego with additional offices in North America, Europe, and Australia.

To see how Seismic is being used by companies in your industry, visit seismic.com.

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