Press Releases

Olmstead Insights on the acquisition of FinAnalytica by BISAM
When Performance measurement vendor BISAM’s announced the acquisition of risk analytics specialist FinAnalytica, FTF called Olmstead for its thoughts and insight.  Some Highlights: 
Gavin Little-Gill commented “The trend is consistent with the desire by asset management firms to consolidate applications and moves they have made to consolidate vendor solutions.” Phil Sindel added that many asset managers use their own risk models “that may or may not match up with the risk capabilities of vendors ...[in that case] the asset managers would be perfectly happy combining a vendor’s performance calculations with internal risk capabilities.”

ABOR, IBOR, MBOR, etc. - Are we getting BORed with Acronyms
If you have been keeping up with trends within securities industry operations and technology you have probably encountered the newest set of acronyms, all of which revolve around BOR or Book of Records. The most recent discussion has been whether ABOR (Accounting Book of Records) is deficient when it comes to the investment management process and needs to be supplemented by the creation of IBOR (Investment Book of Records).

Key Considerations to Keep in Mind When Outsourcing
We have learned a couple of things over the past several years. First, investment managers are more willing to consider outsourcing middle and back office functions. The second thing we have learned is that executing and transitioning (or on-boarding ) to and maintaining an outsourced relationship is not easy and faces multiple challenges. Therefore, what are some key areas of focus that the asset manager (and service provider) need to think about to insure that the move to outsourcing is smooth and successful.

All Things Data: Ensuring Regulatory and Client Prepardness - Webinar Recording
With the upcoming systemic oversight of Dodd-Frank, combined with broader oversight from other global regulatory authorities, the one constant across all proposed rules and industry initiatives is data. Information quality and integrity is crucial for measuring systemic risk and enabling the transparency required by the pending reporting requirements. Beyond regulatory, there are many other reasons to change the way data is managed. It is a critical asset which can be leveraged as a competitive advantage and improve your customer experience.