As a niche consulting firm that exclusively services the global securities industry, Olmstead Associates has developed a flexible business model to deliver operational, technology and data management solutions to our clients. We strive to work with clients in the most effective way for them.  We capitalize on the deep industry and technology experience of our consultants and focus on the unique needs of the client to deliver an approach that provides the optimal result for their organization.  We organize our model around three service offerings:

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Tactical Consulting
  • Professional Development


Strategic Consulting

Through our strategic consulting services, Olmstead Associates works with our clients across the front, middle and back office to provide a full range of technology and operations solutions to address the challenges faced by the securities industry.  Our strategic consulting is built around three service offerings:

  • Advisory Services - assisting clients to develop business and technology strategies that can be translated into real world solutions.
  • Evaluation Services - assessing build versus buy and providing efficient analysis of vendor products that insure a solution that best fits a client's needs.
  •  Project Services - providing PMO and project management services to help manage across multiple projects or delivery of a specific project.

Tactical Consulting

As part of our flexible business model, Olmstead Associates offers tactical solutions to a client's project resource needs.  We offer, on a flexible and on-demand basis, a cost-effective solution that leverages Olmstead staff to augment any client project.  We combine specific skills with industry expertise to be able to fill any resource gap a client may have on a particular project.

Professional Development

Coupled with the services above or as a standalone offering, Olmstead Associates offers professional development programs that enable a client to provide training for their staff to give them an overview of the securities industry or detailed knowledge of a particular topic.  We offer a full range of previously developed courses along with the ability to create a custom program to fit a client's specific needs.




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