Boston - June 7, 2012

All Things Data: Ensuring Regulatory and Client Preparedness


With the upcoming systemic oversight of Dodd-Frank, combined with broader oversight from other global regulatory authorities, the one constant across all proposed rules and industry initiatives is data.  Information quality and integrity is crucial for measuring systemic risk and enabling the transparency required by the pending reporting requirements.  Beyond regulatory, there are many other reasons to change the way data is managed.  It is a critical asset which can be leveraged as a competitive advantage and improve your customer experience.

When you look internally at your own shop…

  • Are you ready when the regulators come knocking at your door looking for information?
  • Is your data readily accessible or are you always faced with special projects to pull information together?
  • Do you view your data with confidence? Has it been scrubbed, cleansed, and validated? Do senior executives trust your data?
  • Does your firm have a data champion? What about a Data Governance Office?
  • Do you have data stewards who are accountable and responsible for the data within their business unit?
  • What processes are in place to ensure data quality, integrity and consistency?

Listen to Mike Atkins, Managing Director of the EDM Council, as he moderates an interactive webinar with our hosts, Phil Sindel, President of Olmstead Associates, and Dan Power, Founder of Hub Designs.  This 60 minute, complimentary webinar will address these and other questions related to regulatory preparedness, transparency and governance.  The webinar will provide insight surrounding "all things data" including:

  • Where the opportunities are to ensure data quality and integrity within financial services.
  • How to think about data governance and your organizational culture.

Sponsored by: Olmstead Associates and Hub Designs

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